Maison de Mère d'Youville

Maison de Mère d’Youville, 138 Saint Pierre Street, Montreal

Inner courtyard

La cour intérieure

The Stone Room

La salle de pierres

“In Her Footsteps”

The exhibition “In Her Footsteps” occupies several rooms in the old General Hospital, which was opened in 1693. The Stone Room, which is striking in its historical authenticity, contains furnishings and works of art from the time of the Charon Brothers. It was in this room that Marguerite d’Youville served soup to the poor people of the city. On the next floor, the exhibition relates the life of Marguerite d’Youville. It is possible to meditate in the room where she died in 1771. On a wall of that room is displayed a  magnificient painting representing the Eternal Father that she ordered from France around 1741.