Community services in Western Canada

In Western Canada, the Grey Nuns opened a number of healthcare and educational institutions to respond to the many needs of the people of Winnipeg and Sainte Rose in Manitoba as well as of Esterhazy and Gravelbourg in Saskatchewan. These charitable works continue today in conjunction with new works that are responding to society’s changing needs.

Over the last few years, the Grey Nuns have set up corporations to manage the institutions they established in the past. Laypeople are now participating in the mission of the Grey Nuns in a spirit of collaboration and service.

Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba

In 2000, The Grey Nuns of Manitoba transferred to the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba the property rights and the management of their healthcare charities, some of which had been in operation for more than a hundred years:

Sara Riel | Taché Centre | Valade Home | Saint Amant Centre | Youville Health Centre of
Saint Boniface | Saint Boniface General Hospital | Sainte Rose du Lac General Hospital.

The members of the Corporation are appointed by the Grey Nuns. The Board of Directors consists of fourteen members representing each of the institutions in the network.

Caritas Health Group, Edmonton (now Covenant Health since 2009)

The Caritas Health Group is the largest supplier of health care in Alberta. The group was formed in 1992 through the merger of three hospitals, including the General Hospital of Edmonton, founded by the Grey Nuns; the Misericordia Community Hospital; the Grey Nuns Hospital and the Continuing Care Centre of the Edmonton General Hospital.

Manitoba (partial list with year of founding)

  • General Hospital of  Saint Boniface, Winnipeg, MB, 1871
  • Saint Amant Centre, Winnipeg, MB, 1974
  • Saint Boniface Hospital Research Centre, Winnipeg, MB, 1987
  • Sara Riel Inc., Winnipeg, MB, 1977
  • Ste Rose General Hospital , Ste Rose du Lac, MB, 1938
  • Taché Centre, Saint Boniface, MB, 1883
  • Youville Centre, Winnipeg, MB, 1984
  • Valade Home, Winnipeg, MB, 1975

Saskatchewan (partial list with year of founding)

  • Regina Grey Nuns’ Hospital, Regina, SK, 1907
  • Saint Anthony Hospital, Esterhazy, SK, 1986
  • Saint Joseph Hospital, Gravelbourg, SK, 1917
  • Saint Marguerite Hospital, Biggar, SK, 1923
  • Saint Paul’s Hospital, Saskatoon, SK, 1907
  • Youville Home, Gravelbourg, SK, 1961

Alberta (partial list with year of founding)

  • Edmonton General Hospital, Edmonton, AB, 1895
  • Grey Nuns Hospital, Millwoods AB, 1988
  • Holy Cross Hospital, Calgary, AB, 1891
  • Saint Thérèse Hospital, St. Paul, AB, 1926
  • Youville Home, St. Albert, AB, 1859

The Far North (partial list with year of founding)

  • Faraud Hospital, Fort Rae, NWT, 1940
  • Nursing Station, Pelly Bay, NWT, 1969
  • Rae-Edzo Hospital, Fort Rae, NWT, 1974
  • Saint Anne’s Hospital, Fort Smith, NWT, 1914
  • Saint Thérèse Hospital, Chesterfield Inlet, NWT, 1931