Her spiritual testament across the centuries

“My dear Sisters, be constantly faithful to the duties of the state that you have embraced. Walk always in the path of regularity, obedience, and mortification. But above all, let the most perfect union reign among you.”
Words of Mother d’Youville, 14 December 1771

Statut de Sainte Marguerite d'YouvilleLet us entrust our intentions to Saint Marguerite d’Youville


O Saint Marguerite d’Youville,
you who spent your life
helping people in need,
please help me
in my present need.

I know that your prayers are powerful
before God the Father,
and I rely on you
to obtain this petition
that I am making in complete trust.

Mother of Universal Charity,
may your example encourage me
to seek God before all else
and to serve Him
in my brothers and sisters in need.