Greetings from the Congregational Leader

I warmly welcome you to the website of The Sisters of Charity of Montreal, “Grey Nuns”, as would have done Saint Marguerite d'Youville, “whose house was open to all who suffer… without distinction… for Marguerite did not know how to set limits to her charity… thus meriting the title Mother of Universal Charity” (Pope John XXIII – 3 May 1959).

It is Marguerite d'Youville herself who welcomes you to this website through the lense of our history as a congregation since its beginnings in 1737. In the following pages, you will discover the story of Marguerite d'Youville, the first Canadian-born saint, and learn about the spiritual heritage that she has passed on to us. For more than two centuries, this heritage has inspired major social action that has been embodied in community services that have evolved over time.

Today, Marguerite’s spirit still shines through the institutions that have passed into other hands and other hearts and that are continuing the Mission received from her. This mission is founded on faith and on the dignity of the individual, who is being cared for in the way of Jesus Christ.

This new website is the product of a committee set up to renew the previous website with an eye on the future. We are certain that the spirituality of Saint Marguerite d'Youville is directing our footsteps today towards the Gospel, the source of all love.

Jacqueline St-Yves
Jacqueline St-Yves, s.g.m.