Apple harvesting

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It’s apple time at the Île-St-Bernard orchard!

The Grey Nuns have been growing apples there since Marguerite d’Youville bought it in 1765. It is said that she planted the first apple tree there. This one had to be cut down in 1914. The orchard has progressed but tradition has kept the memory of it alive and a part of the first statue of St. Joseph that was on top of the mill has been placed next to the remains of this apple tree.

In 1935, the orchard already had 250 apple trees. Organic apples can still be picked there.



F054A, Chez nous!, made by Sr. Flore Barrette, ca 1950:

Salt shaker made from apple wood from Île Saint-Bernard, 1974, Grey Nuns of Montreal Collection, 1974.H.094