Arriving to Rivière Rouge

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As soon as the sisters arrived in Rivière Rouge in 1844, they began teaching in French. Indeed, the purpose of their arrival was “to found a mission, that is, to open a house for the education of young girls in accordance with the wishes of Mgr Provencher”. They then founded convents dedicated to teaching, at Saint-François-Xavier and Saint-Norbert. In St. Boniface, the number of students increased and several small schools were opened to meet demand: École Saint-Charles in 1867, Académie Sainte-Marie in 1869 in Fort Garry (Winnipeg), Académie Taché in 1883 (later Hospice Taché), École Saint-Jean-Baptiste in 1893 and École industrielle de Saint-Boniface in 1899. The congregation contributed to the growth of the French language in what was to become the province of Manitoba.

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