Camp Massabielle (1953-1964)

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From 1953 to 1964, Camp Massabielle welcomed the orphans of the Hôpital du Christ-Roi in Nicolet during the summer vacations.

Covering an area of three and a half by six acres, this summer camp was built at the end of the land of the Métairie Saint-Joseph, which was located near the Hôtel-Dieu. The land was cleared and the shrubs cut down to prepare a ball field and playgrounds for the girls and boys. A pond was also dug for the children to swim in. Pavilions were also built to house the children.

L101-1YN-5, Camp Massabielle, 1960
L101-1YN-5, Camp Massabielle, Rowboat ride on Gave Lake, 1956. In the background, Notre-Dame Island can be seen. 1956
L101-1YN-5, Camp Massabielle, a walk and a swim by the lake Gave, 1956.
L101-1YN-12, Camp Massabielle, 1958.