Digitization project

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We are pleased to inform you that the Archives and Collections Department of the Grey Nuns of Montreal has obtained financial assistance from the Programme de soutien au traitement des archives privées of the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec / Grande Bibliothèque for a digitization project. Entitled “Treatment of the iconographic and cartographic documents of the former General Hospital and of the buildings forming part of the conventual complex”, this project will be carried out over a six-month period. The photographs, negatives, slides and plans that will be digitized bear witness to the conventual complex comprising the former General Hospital and the warehouse stores located in Old Montreal, mainly on St-Pierre Street, Normant Street, de la Commune Street and Place d’Youville.


Top: ASGM G06,C,4,35-01Real Estate Resources, Montreal, 142-146 St. Pierre Street, 1944 Fire. Bottom: ASGM L272,03 Maison Mère d’Youville, Montreal, 138 rue St-Pierre, 2016

Top, left: ASGM G06,C,4,35-41 Real Estate Resources, Montreal, 126-128 St. Pierre Street (former sacristy), 1964. Bottom left: ASGM G06, 08 Real Estate Resources, Montreal, 126 St-Pierre Street (former vestry), 1970