Holy Ghost Hospital

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In 1893, Reverend Thomas Scully, pastor of St. Mary’s parish, presented Mother Marie Julie Deschamps, Superior General of the Montreal General Hospital, with the idea of founding a hospital for the terminally ill in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The founders of the hospital (Sisters Jane Hickey, Mary Ann Fernand and Rose-Alba Laviolette) presided over its official opening on September 26, 1894. The mission of the new facility was to care for the sick according to the values of the Grey Nuns’ community, regardless of their ethnicity or religious affiliation.

In 1983, management of the hospital was transferred to Covenant Health Systems. September 9, 1999 marked the official closing of the mission. Two sisters, Florida Fredette and Thérèse Capistran, continued to work at the hospital after that date. Sister Thérèse Capistran was the last to leave on January 16, 2003.


 L055-F, Holy Ghost Hospital, original building, 1894
L055-1y22B, Holy Ghost Hospital, 1944
L055-E, Holy Ghost Hospital, 1944