Maisonneuve Hospital (1949-1967)

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In 1949 the Grey Nuns accepted a proposal from the Provincial Health Minister to create a 500-bed hospital in Montreal’s east-end and the following year the Maisonneuve Hospital Corporation was created.

The hospital officially opened on 20 June 1954 with Sister Rachel Tourigny as the first Superior and Sister Annette Dion as the Director of Nursing & Director of the School of Nursing. From its beginnings the hospital was progressive in the field of acute care health services particularly in obstetrics, pediatrics and teaching. The 12-storey facility included a nursing school and a residence for 200 nurses and 100 employees.

On 8 January 1963, two lay persons were joined the board of directors in conformity with the Provincial Regulations for hospitals; the appointment of Dr. Edmond Synott as Director General in 1965 constituted another milestone. The congregation left the hospital’s administration in 1967 but several Sisters continued working for many more years on an individual basis. In 1995 the administrative building was renamed the Rachel-Tourigny Pavilion as a tribute to one of the hospitals founders.


ASGM, L120, Hôpital Maisonneuve, Sr Poirier, 1953

Recovery room

ASGM, L120, Hôpital Maisonneuve, Salle de réveil avec Sr Annette Paquette, 1954

Aerial view of the building

ASGM,L120,Y2B, Hôpital Maisonneuve, vue aérienne, 1955