Nurses Day – Marguerite d’Youville Institute (1934-1967)

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For the International Nurses Day, here is the history of the Marguerite d’Youville Institute (1934-1967).

In 1934 the Grey Nuns founded a School of Nursing of Higher Education affiliated with the University of Montreal. Sister Virginie Allaire was founding Director of the first Francophone school in North America to offer a formation program of higher education leading to a Bachelor’s degree or a certificate in nursing science.

In 1935 twelve Grey Nuns registered in the courses and the following year the first lay person was accepted into the program. Soon the Institute was recognized for its excellence at an international level. Beginning in 1953-1954, the directors of the World Health Organization and the International Technical Cooperation entrusted the Institute with Scholarship recipients originating from many different countries. A program in obstetrics and pediatrics was subsidized by the Ministry of Health between 1958 and 1966.

Given the ever increasing enrollment numbers, in 1963 it moved into a new building next to the University of Montreal, which transferred the following year its Baccalaureate program to the Institute and its Master’s program to the Faculty of Nursing. Three years later the Marguerite d’Youville Institute was fully integrated into the Faculty of Nursing thus ending the Grey Nuns’ administration.


ASGM-Institut-Marg-Y-L102-2Y3, B-Laboratoire-chimie-avant 1963
L102,E,01,03 : Classe de baccalauréat, 1963
L102-2Y4C 1963 : Sœurs Grises regardant la maquette du nouveau bâtiment.

ASGM, F100, Institut Marguerite d’Youville, remise des diplômes et cours de chimie, avant 1963? :