Sugar season

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In these times of confinement, why not have a little sugar party at home, with the kids?

A thought for the maple syrup producers who, with the current crisis, have to close their sugar shack to the public in the middle of the sugar season. Don’t hesitate to support them in these difficult times by buying their products online, in grocery stores or in their boutique that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home.

To bring back some memories, here are some photographs from 1944, from the collection of the Christ-Roi Orphanage-Hospital in Nicolet.

Grey Nuns of Montreal Archives, Christ the King Hospital (Nicolet), L101/1YN, Sugar Shacks, 1944
Grey Nuns of Montreal Archives, Christ-Roi Hospital (Nicolet), L101/1YN, Sugar Shacks, ca 1944-1945