Sunny photographs from Africa

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To counteract Blue Monday, the nickname given in 2005 to the supposedly most depressing day of the year, we’re sharing some sunny photographs from Africa!

ASGM, L217-Y02, Residence Dungu (Zaire), Sisters Marcelle Tétreault and Céline Campeau in a pirogue, April 1978
ASGM, L217-Y3H, Residence Dungu (Zaire), Sisters Jeanne Hébert, Juliette Thévenot and Céline Campeau, July 1975
ASGM, L217-Y6K, Residence Dungu (Zaire), Sister Marcelle Tétreault, May 26, 1977
ASGM, L237-Y01, Catholic Mission of Gobo (Cameroon), ca 197-198-