Total eclipse

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On August 31, 1932, the nuns and residents of the Mother House were also able to observe a total eclipse, as we will be able to do this afternoon. Unfortunately, viewing conditions were not optimal, as the chronicles of the Mother House testify:

“At 3.30 a.m., total eclipse of the sun. For a few seconds, it was as dark as night. But the cloud-laden sky did not lend itself well to scholarly observations. In anticipation of the ‘breaches of silence’ that the eclipse phenomenon could cause, we have recreation this afternoon, i.e. we take Vespers of the great leave given by His Eminence Cardinal Verdier. We won’t take this day off until next Monday.”

Source: ASGM-L082, Chronicles of the Mother House, August 31, 1932

Source: La presse, 1932-09-01, BAnQ Collections.