World Day of Social Justice

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The Grey Nuns of Montreal have been supporting organizations fighting for greater social justice for many years.  In 1977, the congregation founded Maison Marguerite to help women in difficulty. Until 1996, the directors of the organization were nuns, after which they passed the torch. Today, Maison Marguerite continues to offer housing services to society’s most disadvantaged women.

Sister Georgette Leduc s.g.m. (1912-2010) was director of Maison Marguerite from its founding in 1977 to 1984. Source: ASGM, portrait of Sister Georgette Leduc, s.g.m.
Source: ASGM, G05-E-4-08, Maison Marguerite, article in Dimanche matin, June 5, 1977
Source: ASGM, G05-E-4-06, brochure, Maison Marguerite, 1977