A heartfelt THANK YOU!

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Helping those in need is the very reason for the mission of the Grey Nuns of Montreal since their foundation in 1737. Along with other religious congregations, they have always been at the forefront of the great epidemics in Canadian history. They founded hospitals, hospices, orphanages, asylums, not only in Montreal, but also in the rest of Canada, the United States and Brazil. They also trained health care personnel and contributed, through their legacy, to shape the #heroines and #heros of today. To all those who, every day, by their compassion and dedication, help to fight against the crisis we are experiencing today, we say THANK YOU!

ASGM L028-Alb1-54A, Saint-Jean Hospital, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Home for Elderly Ladies, 1951-1954
ASGM L031, St. Boniface General Hospital, Pharmacy, 1930
ASGM L013, St. Vincent Hospital, Toledo, Ohio, Kitchen, 1942
ASGM L047-2Y1-D, Holy Cross Hospital, Calgary, Alberta, 1934